Pedal Board Addictions

First official blog post here that is going to date back to a couple years ago when I posted a shot of my pedal board on instagram.

Like many musicians who play electric instruments, I have found myself in a sonic environment where the pursuit to explore sounds and tones is at an all time high. My first pedal was a multiFX processor, the 'Digitech RP300' great little (big) tool that I used for about 3 years. Like most people do, they find that the multifx rigs are pretty limited in organizing your patches and sounds. This is when I started to diving in to individual pedals - this is my rig that I have been using solidly for about 3 years now.

The signal flow is:
Tuner>Wah>Compression>Blues Driver>Overdrive>Chorus>Phaser>Octave> Tremelo>Analog Delay>Stereo Reverb.

A couple strategic placements:
- Stereo Reverb at the end so I can easily wire to outputs.
- POG Octave pedal at the the end so I can easily utilize the dry output.

If I had my choice, I would travel with two amplifiers, one with the dry out of the octave going through the rest of my signal flow, and the other out of the signal from the octave.

I find that the signal degradation from POG REQUIRES me to utilize a boost to maintain constant signal. Luckily, my Black Cat tremelo has an incredible clean boost built in. 

To jump back to the beginning of my signal, I have found that having the compressor after the wah, allows me to obtain the uber funky tight comp patterns.

The rest of the pedals are pretty standard - my favorite pedal is the two timer. I tend to overuse it like crazy. I'm talking rhythmically and solos with out changing the settings to much. Recently I have been watching my tone so it does not muddy up the mix but otherwise, extremely versatile pedal.

My recent set of gigs has required me to limit the pedals I take. This condensed rig comprises of: Wah>Compressor>Blues Driver>Analog Delay. Soon I will hopefully have all these pedals in one rig encasement. Once I have that I will post pictures!

Any questions about my sound specifically feel free to shoot me a message or comment below!