The Nth Power and Dopapod - The Hall at MP - Brooklyn, NY

Last Friday I got to check out two of my current favorite bands that I surprisingly had not seen live yet; weirdly since I've been listening to them pretty religiously for the last 6 months.

The Nth Power I had heard incredible things about from friends who have shared bills together.  Also in an interesting turn of events I came to know (of) Nick Cassarino through his prior group "The Lifted Crew" (some of you may remember Puremotion's prior name was Lifted... that's another story) AND his little brother Josh Cassarino started working at my day job as an engineer. Needless to say, it was a no brainer that I was going to this show.

Their vibe was HOT. Incredible musicianship, with a new, fresh sound, blending gospel chops with rock and funk. I had spent the previous week listening to their new album Abundance and was not disappointed with the live versions. Be on the lookout as this crew is starting to really shine as one of the elite groups in their genre and branching into other more "jammy" sub genres.

Next up was Dopapod. I've been pretty obsessive with Dopapod since their release of Never Odd or Even. I had always known and casually listened to them through my good friend from college Thai Ghai but their most recent release had me hooked.

This show was INSANE. Very different vibe from The Nth Power, but they complemented the evening together incredibly. I got to full on rock out to their heavier sections of their material and dance through some pretty epic jams. The jam in Like A Ball was great and I got to really experience other songs in their repertoire that I may not have known prior. Here are some videos and pictures from the evening!

The link to all of my pictures is HERE!

Also - this was a super treat: